Monday, 31 October 2011

how do u believe

who do you believe?????????????

this is a famous story about an old man and his donkey.

this old man lived in a village in a warm country along time ago. 1 day a young man came to the old mans house and said "can i use your donkey today, please?
my 2 donkeys are ill, and you're nor using yours

the old man knew this man well.
the young man was not kind to animals and oftedn hit his donkeys. so his donkeys were often ill.

the old man did not want to say " yes" but he could not say "no"
COZ the young man was very polite. so he said, im sorry, but my donkey isn't here. my son is using it. the young man did not believe tHis because the old mans son had 3donkeys. then the told mans donkey made a loud noise, n the young man heard it. the young man was angry and said, i can hear the donkey in your garden. how can you say it isn't here? this was a difficult question, but the old man always had an answer for difficult question. he locked at young man and said, " WHO DO YOU BELIEVE ME OR DONKEY?